Will Canterbury Cheesemongers in Christchurch Survive Fallout of Earthquake?

Martin and Sarah Aspinwall have put their blood, sweat and tears in making Canterbury Cheesemongers, their affinage cave and cheese shop in Christchurch (New Zealand) an integral part of the community.

The recent earthquake there threatens to bring their creation to rubbles, here's why:

"Canterbury Cheesemongers is part of a block of shops on the corner of Victoria and Salisbury streets in Christchurch, and seems to have escaped the recent earthquake relatively unscathed - however they are attached to several shops that will need to be demolished. It might be easier for the council to level the block of shops and tell the business owners to start again, but canterbury cheesemongers has spent eight years creating a specialised building, and should not be forced to relocate if the shop is safe."


You can lend them support via the Save Canterbury Cheesemongers page on Facebook.

Bonne Chance!

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