Taste the Difference with Greek White Wines like Sillogi 09, Organic to Boot

Attending VOS Selections informal Fall tasting on September 19, gave me the opportunity to sample the somehow neglected Greek wines. Neglected by me at least, it was only my second encounter.

Coincidence or not, on my way to New York for the tasting, I was browsing through Oldman's Brave New World of Wine (Norton) which I received recently and noticed that he started his chapter on white wines with Moschofilero, a Greek favorite of his. In Marl Oldman's opinion, with a little education and good marketing, Moschofilero could go from insiders' secret to winner of the white pack as Pinot Grigio is now.

At VOS, I took the opportunity to sample the Mantinia 09 Moschofilero from Tselepos, nice sipping wine.

I continued my exploration of Greece with the Petra 09 (from Kir-Yianni), 100% Roditis, floral and refreshing.

Next was the Sillogi 09 (from Moraitis), a blend of Assyrtiko and Malagouzia, grapes we are all familiar with.


It talked to me on the first sip, different I thought, nice personality.

Maybe it is due to its provenance, the island of Paros (Aegean Sea), an hour and a half by speed boat from Santorini.This wine from the Cyclades does not try to be trendy. It shows its roots, that's it.

All I have left to do now is plan a visit to this special place.

Would Sillogi taste different in situ?

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