Swapping and Thrift Stores, Nana Soma Brazilian Take on Clothes and Sustainability

Nana Soma trained as a designer and in the course of breathing fashion on a daily basis started thinking about how her choice of clothing and where she shopped impacted the environment.

From that realization came the need to share how she felt and what she learned along the way.

Her outlet is For a Conscious Clothing written in both Portuguese (she's Brazilian) and English.

Some of her concerns echo those of Stefanie Weiss in Eco-Sex for example in The True History of Cosmetics (July 21).

Nana Soma also mentions a Brazilian initiative launched by Cathy Henry and Jérôme Guinet named Free Your Closet (Portuguese only) that builds on the idea of recycling clothes that you do not wear anymore by swapping, selling or giving them away.


If all you care about is Vintage Clothing, Nana lists her favorites shops in Sao Paulo.

Living and traveling lighter for Green Day # 144

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