September 24 Was National Braii Day, Chisa Nyama, South Africa BBQ Day

If there is one thing that can bring grill fans and men of the cloth in South Africa at least, it's Braii Day or Chisa Nyama if you prefer that took place on September 24th with a ringing endorsement from Desmon Tutu.


Food is heritage and it definitely can be something that brings people from diverse strands of life and ethnic backgrounds together.

Jan Scannell AKA Jan Braii dreamed up this holiday.

From what All Voices shares Chisa Nyama combines BBQ and car wash in places like Soweto.

Not a bad idea to grab lunch while your car is getting a refresher.

For other sites like African Woodsmoke there is a Buy Africa, Support Africa element to it beyond celebrating your heritage.

Will we see more Hot Dogs, Okra and other local goods celebrations here in the US of A?

Clean fun in South Africa with Chisa Nyama!

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