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September 24 Was National Braii Day, Chisa Nyama, South Africa BBQ Day

If there is one thing that can bring grill fans and men of the cloth in South Africa at least, it's Braii Day or Chisa Nyama if you prefer that took place on September 24th with a ringing endorsement from Desmon Tutu.


Food is heritage and it definitely can be something that brings people from diverse strands of life and ethnic backgrounds together.

Jan Scannell AKA Jan Braii dreamed up this holiday.

From what All Voices shares Chisa Nyama combines BBQ and car wash in places like Soweto.

Not a bad idea to grab lunch while your car is getting a refresher.

For other sites like African Woodsmoke there is a Buy Africa, Support Africa element to it beyond celebrating your heritage.

Will we see more Hot Dogs, Okra and other local goods celebrations here in the US of A?

Clean fun in South Africa with Chisa Nyama!

TechnoCRAFT, Curated by Yves Behar at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Closes October 3

Renaissance man and designer extraordinaire Yves Behar and his team at fuseproject put together their first exhibit named TechnoCRAFT showing at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts until October 3, 201o.

The full event title is actually "TechnoCRAFT: Hackers, Modders, Fabbers, Tweakers and Design in the Age of Individuality"...

Customisation is the Motto.

"TechnoCRAFT explores how the boundary between the role of the designer and the consumer is disappearing. Curated by acclaimed designer Yves Behar, the exhibition traces the current trend in design away from fixed objects toward open "design platforms" that invite people to participate in the creative process. Selected works span the spectrum from intentionally collaborative (such as platforms where individuals can customize their products) to outsider hacks, where "finished" products are adapted or modified by the user. Special attention is paid to the intersection of technology and craft that encourages an unprecedented level of user participation with profound implications for the future of design and experience making."

Craft and customisation are hammered into reality in the case of Do it Chair by Droog Design (below).


To conclude the exhibit, on October 2, from  6 to 8 pm, Yves Béhar and Sam Grawe, Editor-in-Chief of Dwell magazine, discuss the exhibition, from its genesis to individual selected works, and the contemporary moment in design, including the nature of American design.

Food for your brain and your senses.

From Crime to Christ, Former Yakuza Member Tatsuya Shindo

I have my qualms about 360 degrees turn yet there is nothing wronf with echoing the fact that some paths like those of former Yakuza member Tatsuya Shindo might lead to a dead end if not a coffin.

Maybe Tatsuya Shindo heard Bob Marley's Redemption Song?

Maybe not!

In any case the tatooed former gangster turned a bar into a place for his congregation, 'Friends of Sinners Jesus Christ Church'...


He is pictured above by Benjamin Parks for Big Brother (Metropolis, September 23, 2010) which caught my attention.

Crime and Sentiment for Tokyo Thursdays # 158

Previously: New York Tastes like Tokyo with Joy of Sake and Japanese Food and Restaurant Show

Sorry For My Abscence Today, Due To Work and Life Then Typepad Lack of Cooperation

I know it is almost tomorrow and I am finally able to sign and write.

I cannot blame it all on Typepad or should I get used to Say Media for my travails.

First client issues then personal ones came in the way of my writing.

When slightly before 7 PM I found time to get online, I could not log in Typepad to write anything.

Maybe it has something to do with the cross linking with Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

No conspiracy theories here, just wondering on the law of unplanned circumstances.


Brought back to mind Lene Lovich and 'Say When'

Should I blame today's events on Autumn's Eclipse?

72 H Non Stop Restaurant, 18 Chefs, Celebrate 10 Years of Le Fooding Paris, Oct 1-3

It's not enough that Le Fooding comes to New York for second year with this time a San Francisco/ New York knock out where NY Toques Battle SF Chefs for Le Grand Fooding 2010, September 24 and 25 at PS 1, a week later they stage a monster event in Paris.

Le Fooding celebrates its 10 year anniversary with a 72 hours Non Stop Restaurant manned by 18 chefs who have been part of the adventure along the way.

Sponsored as you see from the illustration by San Pelegrino, Les Ébullitions Perpétuelles (details in French) named as an homage to La Marmite Perpétuelle (an 18th century Parisian hotspot) will plant its tent on Butte Montmartre in Paris from October 1st to October 3rd, 2010.


My long distance friends Paris by Mouth share (in English) the day by day schedule with all 18 chefs manning the shifts, 6 chefs per day, 4 hours each.

October 1

00h00- 4h00 : Inaki Aizpitarte (Le Chateaubriand) ; 4h – 8h : Yves Camdeborde (Le Comptoir du Relais) ; 8h – 12h : Christian Etchebest (La Cantine du Troquet) ; 12h – 16h : Alberto Herraiz (Fogon) ; 16h – 20h :  Stéphane Jégo (L’Ami Jean) ; 20h – 00h : William Ledeuil (Ze Kitchen Galerie)

As you can see above, doors open for Les Ébullitions Perpétuelles ('Constant Bubbles') on the first minute of October 1st.

I wonder if anyone has the stamina and stomach to sit through the 72 hour marathon (with a nap and a walk here and there).

Bon appetit!

Scary Monsters and Supercakes, Eat Your Heart Out, London, October 28-31

Scary monsters and supercakes

From evil doers to evil cakes (no Delaware witchcraft), we are warned of the arrival of Eat Your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion on the London Art Cake scene.

Over the Halloween 2010 Week-End, "the World’s first 18+ cake shop, pushing the concept that cake can never be offensive to the extreme" brought to us by agents provocateurs "The Mad Artists Tea Party & PRETOX Drink Alibi" will do everything in their power to make us loose our appetite.


I am not surprised to find Bompas and Parr as part of the mix and cannot help but wonder if Lili Vanilli's Pumping Heart (above) will be offered.


More amusing than scary end up being more amusing than scary.

On the other hand, a spontaneous reaction to Anatomical Chocolate Heart (below) was 'it's disgusting'.


666 terrifying Halloween creations, cakes, potions and entertainment will be served daily from October 28th to October 31st, 2010, in the ‘dungeon’ of Maiden, 188 Shoreditch High Street, London. 

It's not every year that Halloween falls on a Sunday allowing you to combine mass in the morning with more (gently) Pagan mores in the evening.

Am I rushing things talking about things happening more than a month from now?

Let Your Passion Shine, Minister of Enlightenment, A Job and A Title I Could Hold

Most people who know me or read me or both call be passionate and in some cases opinionated (a French trait).

The latter is considered a necessary skill for reviewers and critics.

We are all familiar with the use of word 'evangelist' in our age of online marketing.

I met the Minister of Rum once.

I had not run into a Minister of Enlightenment until today via a Fall News e-mail from Republic of Tea by their very own Minister of Enlightenment.


What is not to love about a job and title that allows you to let your passion shine?

First of course, you need to connect with a 'product' and a company you can feel passionate about otherwise you will just be a fake.

It is worth noting that when you look back at the Age of Enlightenment (via Wikipedia) in the 18th century, it was mostly based on reason and rational behavior.

Since Minister of Enlightenment is already taken, what should I go by if I find not the magic potion but the magic job (is there such a thing?), would Man with the Megaphone do?

I think I need something more colorful, more poetic?

Another take on my infrequent and unusual Job Ideas like Bath Sommelier...

Call me if you need someone to wear that type of hat and don't mind someone who is passionate and at times opinionated.

(* illustration is a reading from a piece by 'Voltaire' in 'Salon de Madame Geoffrin', archived by Joconde, French ministry of culture)

Dutch Fishmonger Shares 'Fish Tales' at Clinton Global Conference 2010, September 21

Where does that fish comes from?

Who catches it and how? Can I meet them? Where?

Is the fish trawl wrecking the sea bed?

Is it a catch all and throw away what you don't want?

Will there be any fish of that type left next year?

Dutch fishmonger Bart Van Olphen left the restaurant business and became a fishmonger in Holland after asking these questions and not getting answers he was satisfied with.


He runs Fishes which sells only MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood and co-authored with Tom Kime Fish Tales 'stories and recipes from sustainable fisheries around the world' published by Kyle Books.

As with every endevor, nothing is perfect in the sustainable seafood field yet you have to start somewhere.

Bart is taking the stage at Clinton Global Initiative 2010 on September 21 to share some 'Fish Tales' with the powers that be.

I interviewed him a few weeks back and will be sharing our conversation hopefully very soon.

I had the pleasure to join Bart, Kerry J.Coughlin (Marine Stewardship Council, MSC), good people from Kyle Books and a few others for 'The First MSC-Certified Dinner in New York City' at Sea Grill on September 20, 2010.

The meal was designed around seafood that Bart actually sells. I chose Seared Scallops with apple rosemary puree as an appetizer and Miso glazed Black Cod with baby bok choy and toasted sesame seeds as a main dish.

Other options we had were Roasted filet of Plaice and Grilled Dover Sole.

Diving in sustainablity for Green Day # 145

Previously: Swapping and Thrift Stores, Nana Soma Brazilian Take on Clothes and Sustainability

P.S: Food, service and setting were perfect at Sea Grill. I just wish they used air conditioning in moderation while we discussed sustainability, small contradictions.

Music from Fela! the Musical Served Free at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1, October 4

If you have not seen FELA! the Musical on Broadway yet and want a taste of it, FELA! star, Sahr Ngaujah, and the live band from the Broadway show will be performing some of the show's music for FREE at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 1 on October 4.


The concert is good way for St. Ann¹s Warehouse to kick off its 4th decade and give back to the community that supported it throughout the years.

Enjoy music, sunset and New York skyline.

Outdoor concert starts at 6:30 PM

Contact St. Ann's Warehouse at 718.254.8779 for more details

Evening of Foie Gras, Cheese and Wine with Ariane Daguin at Artisanal Cheese, NY, Sept 27

Want something to comfort you on a cool September evening in New York, I suggest an Evening of Foie Gras, Cheese & Wine with Ariane Daguin of D'Artagnan at Artisanal Cheese.

"Learn to taste the difference between foie gras emulsions, terrines, and duck liver pâté, with the woman who introduced foie gras to America. Ariane is the founder and owner of D’Artagnan, the leading purveyor of foie gras, pâtés, smoked delicacies, organic poultry and game in the nation."

Ariane daguin

Enjoy these riches at Artisanal Cheese on September 27 from 6 to 8:30 PM

Price per person: $85