Octobre Numerique, for Geeks, Gamers, Aural Sculptures, Arles, October 1-10

I would have thought of other cities than Arles as host for a festival that celebrates digital culture and creations in all their forms from video game competition (LAN Party), to animation, movies, music, free software, e-books and multi-media art.

Not willing to be typecast as just a destination for lovers of history, with Octobre Numerique, the city of Arles shows us 0's and 1's on the move.

From October 1st to October 10, 2010, this first edition of Octobre Numerique (Numeric October) brings into its fold established events like Main (in 5th year), a competition for programmers and Art Court Video (short art videos).


One of the attractions is on top of the building that houses the festival, the newly renovated Grande Halle, a 3000 square meters (M2) screen/ roof considered the largest in Europe.

One for geeks, gamers, video fans and amateurs of aural sculptures.

(Sorry non French speakers, except for portions of the MAIN site, most of the details on Octobre Numerique are in French only)...

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