No Train in Vain, Snowcarbon, Reach European Ski Slopes by Train

They are not the first or last to promote convenience and at times pleasures of train travel in Europe.

Most prominent I think The Man in Seat Sixty-One.

Snowcarbon does not stop at that.

The team at Snowcarbon helps you reach your winter sports destination in the most earth-friendly way.

They also put the combined ski and travel knowledge of their 12 writers to help you make the most of each mountain resort from dusk to dawn.

A few reason they offer to choose train over plane or car are that it is comfortable and relaxing, scenic, family friendly and without luggage fees (unless you travel like a king).

In France, besides the Eurostar service, another possibility to Bourg-St Maurice for example is the Corail Lunea for those who want to travel overnight (with sleeper car option)...


Snowcarbon selected 30 resorts in 4 European countries (Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland) plus Andorra and offers guides designed with travel from the UK in mind.

I am sure they can be of use for people from other countries who will just need to tweak the itineraries.

Snowcarbon was founded by Daniel Elkan and Mark Hodson.

Ski don't pollute for Green Day # 146

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(* photo of Corail Lunea via Rail Europe UK)

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