More than Nokia, Abba and Ikea, Scandinavia Show 2010, London, October 9-10

There's more to Scandinavia than Nokia, Abba and Ikea.

Ideas are bubbling from the kitchens of Rene Redzepi to bicycle culture and looking good on 2 wheels as Copenhagen Cycle Chic illustrates not to mention Opera Mini, the browser of choice on my smart phone from Oslo, Norway.

I even realized belatedly while reading the very thorough Food, Wine, Burgundy by David Downie, that the region had a Danish connection, "Burgundia was created by the Burgonds from Bornholm Island in 442 AD."

Where is he going with these digressions, you might ask?

I only brushed upon a tiny bit of what these Nordic countries have to share.

On October 9 and 10, 2010, The Scandinavia Show in London will showcase what they promise to be the best in travel, lifestyle, fashion and food from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.



History buffs have their chance to Get up close and personal with Vikings during the event, notes SCAN magazine, a good place to plan your visit.

One of their suggestions is you sample micro-brews from Randers Bryghus represented by Stefan Kappel.


I found out about this event thanks to Visit Sweden. They announce that "the most popular areas in Sweden will take you on a journey to clean, green, compact cities built on water, with delicious
food as well as traditional and contemporary culture and crafts during the Scandinavia Show."

I hope the Scandinavian quintet brings Scandinavia Show in some form to NY.

(* photo of Stefan Kappel above by 95% Danish for SCAN magazine)

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