Let Your Passion Shine, Minister of Enlightenment, A Job and A Title I Could Hold

Most people who know me or read me or both call be passionate and in some cases opinionated (a French trait).

The latter is considered a necessary skill for reviewers and critics.

We are all familiar with the use of word 'evangelist' in our age of online marketing.

I met the Minister of Rum once.

I had not run into a Minister of Enlightenment until today via a Fall News e-mail from Republic of Tea by their very own Minister of Enlightenment.


What is not to love about a job and title that allows you to let your passion shine?

First of course, you need to connect with a 'product' and a company you can feel passionate about otherwise you will just be a fake.

It is worth noting that when you look back at the Age of Enlightenment (via Wikipedia) in the 18th century, it was mostly based on reason and rational behavior.

Since Minister of Enlightenment is already taken, what should I go by if I find not the magic potion but the magic job (is there such a thing?), would Man with the Megaphone do?

I think I need something more colorful, more poetic?

Another take on my infrequent and unusual Job Ideas like Bath Sommelier...

Call me if you need someone to wear that type of hat and don't mind someone who is passionate and at times opinionated.

(* illustration is a reading from a piece by 'Voltaire' in 'Salon de Madame Geoffrin', archived by Joconde, French ministry of culture)

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