100 Per Cent Black Food besides Squid Ink, Omnivore Evening at 104, Paris, September 20

On the eve from official opening (September 21, 2010) of Les Grandes Tables at 104 by Fabrice Biasolo, the French food agitators at Omnivore give you a chance to get a sneak preview of this unusual restaurant located in Centquatre art/ event space in Paris.

Not any food event, Le Noir Ne Se Mange Pas? (Black is not something one eats?) will ask the question and do its best to prove otherwise.


The event page (French only) posits that except for squid's ink used for sauces, ravioli and other dishes, black is not something people put in their mouth. There is even less appetite for eating in the dark, they suggest. Why is black linked with burned, charcoal taste or death as far as food

In other spheres like fashion, design, even tableware, black is hip, elegant, refined as they note.

For this Food 100 % Black evening, Omnivore coralled 3 chefs, Gilles Choukroun the MBC (Mint, basilic, coriander) man, Fabrice Biasolo best known for Une auberge en Gascogne and Jacques Genin, pastry chef and chocolate master.

I just realized that they did not mention Caviar anywhere. I guess it was too obvious.

Price per person is 35 Euros and includes a cocktail and a glass of bubbly.

100% Black at 104 is on Monday, September 20, 2010 (starts at 8:30 PM)

Be ready for surprises.

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