What's My Carbon Footprint on A Running Around Day With No Time To Write

Tuesday is Green Day and I have to confess that I broke the Green Day rule by spending most of the day driving here, there and back.

Nothing exciting like a walk in the park or relaxing at the shore mind you.

I was just dealing with paperwork, administrative stuff.

Boring things need to be tended to from time to time.

So my lack of writing was not due to slacking.

If I decide to check my impact on the world as a result of all this driving I can put the Carbon Footprint Calculator from Nature Conservancy.

It offers 4 options: home energy, driving and flying, food and diet, recycling and waste.

Adressing a broader audience, Cool California also offers a Carbon Calculator as well as practical tips for individuals, businesses and local government alike.


Katie Peek tries to get to the bottom of this issue in How Well Do Carbon Footprint Calculators Estimate Your Impact? (Science Line, January 26) comparing 9 different options.

Guilt trip management for Green Day # 142

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(* Footprint illustration courtesy of Marketing Mirror by Fazal Siddiqi)

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