Vote for My 'Six Years Blogging, Lust, Love, Seven Year Itch' South by Southwest Panel Idea

Don't think for a minute that I turned into a dictator expecting each and everyone of you to head straight to the voting booth and crown me 'King of the South by Southwest Interactive' panels for 2011.

As part of the democratic way topics and speakers are chosen for each edition of South by Southwest, everyone can speak up and help decide through the Panel Picker what the 2011 program will look like.

Vote started on Wednesday, August 11 and is opened until Friday, August 27, 2010.


Since I ask you for your vote, I should first tell you what you're voting for.

Here is almost everything you wanted to know about Six Years Blogging, Lust, Love, Seven Year Itch and were afraid to ask.

I started writing 'Serge the Concierge'in March 2005.

Now in my 6th year with 3000 plus posts under my belt, I pause and wonder.

I enjoy writing. Possibly because I stick to things I am passionate about. It does take discipline.

Call it a second job that does not pay at least not with financial rewards. It does open doors to museums, events, food and wine tastings. I get gourmet food, wine and cookbooks in the mail. Interview interesting people. Make readers happy when then win a contest.

Does it need to be more before I get the 7 year itch? I will share the stage with a sparring partner who has been at it for as long as I have and our 2 voices will provide for a richer canvas.

How do you vote?

Visit the Six Years Blogging, Lust, Love, Seven Year Itch page on Panel Picker.

Give it the Thumbs Up, 'This Idea Rocks' in South by Southwest parlance.

Better even, add your comments.

To be able to Vote, you first need to Create an Account, with only basic details like first and last name and e-mail that then needs to be confirmed, then you're set and powerful.

Thank you in advance for your support and feedback.

If you have troubles signing up and voting, let us know.


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