Sad Unwanted Mambo Fish at Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

I was not looking for a story when I noticed this picture of a Mambo fish at Tsukiji Fishmarket in Tokyo.

It kinda stopped me in my tracks.

Had an expression that said unwanted, unloved like someone who cannot find a dancing partner.


Alfie Goodrich who took the photo notes that "the fish was about 3ft across and selling for 30,000Yen" which means it was priced to move.

The market was especially busy that day and Alfie who is based in Japan offers common sense tips to the 'tourist' visitors:

"Look over your shoulder 100% of the time or you will either get run over or be in someone's way.
This is a working market not a theme-park.
Dont touch anything, even the stuff in the bins. Everything gets used for food.
Dont bring suitcases and then wheel them around narrow aisles.
Remember that you are in the workers' 'office'. Just try and imagine what it would be like to have thousands of tourists gawking at you doing your work and then you will begin to understand what the people at Tsukiji have to put up with.
Learn the Japanese for 'can I take a photo please?', hello, good-morning and some other basic pleasantries. It will go a long way to warming the people up when you are there."

Alfie Goodrich works and lives in Tokyo where he shoots features on food, music and the like for the Wall Street Journal and has had work in TIME recently so photography is his job.

You can check his work on which also shares Japan related bits.

Fishy story and common sense for Tokyo Thursdays # 153

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