Momondo, Are These Danish Really Best Source for Cheap Flights?

They got started in 2006 so you cannot call Momondo a newcomer.

This Copenhagen based price comparison engine is one more voice in the crowded field of travel search.

Some praise it for deeper range of options searched while a number of voices call it the best source for cheap flights.

I gave them a test drive for 'flights' from Newwark (NJ) to Barcelona (Spain) leaving September 8 returning September 22, 2010.

I liked the fast loading, clean, easy to read results.

If you want to see your best dates for the month, the top of the page delivers that.

Go with the Calendar (not the Chart) option which by giving best price for each day is not snazzy but clearer.

In the left column, you can adjust the search criterias on a number of parameters including direct to 2 stops, departure time, price range, airports nearby besides your first choice, ticket type and airlines.


Are these Danish really the best source for cheap flights?

I did a search on Kayak with same itinerary and dates to check, the cheapest Momondo offer was $685 versus $700 on Kayak.

I cannot draw conclusion from this one instance that Momondo always finds best deal.

Momondo came to my attention today via the Travel Blog Exchange announcement of their European conference in Copenhagen. They happen to be the main sponsor.

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