Kpod by kitHAUS, That Quiet Space in Your Backyard, Even Greener with Solar Power

Telecommuting on certain days or working from home full time means you will get interrupted by kids, a hungry dog. Your quiet time might be disrupted by any number of sounds, TV, video games, etc...

A garden shed could be all you need.

A garden shed of sorts as is Kpod by kitHAUS, an 117 square feet structure combining an aluminium frame with SIP insulated panels for floors, walls and ceilings, All glass is dual glazed.

A wood or steel 'barn style' sliding door completes the picture.

At around $20,000 the Kpod is the entry level Module offered by kitHAUS and getting your oasis solar powered will cost extra, not sure if the Heating and Air Conditioning Unit is included.

Both data and power outlets are already installed in one of the panels as is a switched center ceiling outlet.

Getting your kit installed does not require a foundation and since it's a prefab structure, there will be no construction mess and waste and getting it up and running should be a matter of days.


You might find precious information in Prefab Houses (Taschen Books) which shows how much the field has changed in past 20 years.

Green Building for Green Day # 139

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