Grilling With The Girls, The Video That Did Not Pan Out, Inspired by St Francis

Call me addicted to the written word if you will.

As those of you who have read 'Serge the Concierge' for a while, I share videos and photos from time to time yet very few of the photos and no videos up until now have been my own.

This summer, I decided to dip my toes in the video side of things and my initial shot was to be Grilling with the Girls. Well it did not pan out. It was a dud and I tossed it aside.

I was inspired by St Francis Winery who had the great idea to sponsor a Girls Guide to Grilling written by Elizabeth Karmel...

Guide to grilling

I never spent much time reflecting on the topic until then.

When you think about it though, go to any backyard party, at least here in the USA, and what you see is a big grill loaded with burgers, hot dogs, steaks and manned by a guy.

It screams red meat.

When I heard about the related video contest, I was on my way to attend the Summer Fancy Food Show which would give me I was sure some ideas on what to grill beyond the usual.

I did come back from that overwhelming event inspired and on track to fetch a few tasty food samples that would make the video possible and bring back a spirit of adventure to the outdoors grill.

For whatever reason when I think St Francis, I tend to see a Zinfandel like their Old Vines or Pagani Ranch, old favorites.

Some St Francis 'Syrah' Sonoma County (2006) arrived.


I sipped a bit of this Rhone style red. With berry and spicy tones it would be perfect company for Mediterranean flavors or even things a bit further far afield.

I then started putting a script/ menu together.

Excitement was in the air.


Until the video souffle fell flat.

In the next written episode, I will start telling you what I had planned to put on the grill.

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