Beyond the Dream, Photos of Shoji Ueda, Prints by Yozo Hamaguchi, Tokyo Exhibit

I mentioned many music flavored photography exhibit recently.

The Beyond the Dream exhibit at Musee Hamaguchi Yozo brings together under one roof a renowed Japanese photographer and an expert printmaster.


Tokyo Art Beat introduces the show with these words:

"Shoji Ueda (1913-2000) is one of Japan's most representative early photographers, known for his Sand Dunes series from the 1950s. This was the same period in which printmaker Yozo Hamaguchi (1909-2000) perfected his color mezzotint technique in Paris. This special exhibition brings together the works of both these master artists."

Beyond the Dream runs until September 26, 2010 but is closed from August 8 to august 23)

The museum site tells us why it was founded:

"Hamaguchi Yozo was born the third son to Hamaguchi Gihei, the tenth generation head of Yamasa Shoyu (soy sauce), a company with a 350 year history.  His father, Gihei, collected and studied paintings of the southern school.  Tracing back five generations, one will also find Hamaguchi Kansuke, a painter of the southern school who was active during the later Edo period.  This indicates that the Hamaguchi family generated many talented artists.

Hamaguchi Yozo developed a unique etching technique known as color mezzotint and used this superb technique to fascinate many people with the tranquility of his work.  He returned to Japan in 1996 after spending many years overseas in Paris and San Francisco.  This art museum was established with his approval to permanently display many of the pieces he brought back with him.  We are aiming to create a high standard art museum in which the charm of Hamaguchi Yozo's works will be fully appreciated."

There is also a Shoji Ueda Museum located in Houki-cho, Tottori Prefecture, in a corner of Daisen National Park that amongst other things stores 12,000 original works by the artist.

Quiet time at the museum for Tokyo Thursdays # 151

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