Yamagata Cherries, Special, Pricey and the Cherry Pit Blow-Off

Japan definitively loves its food and at times pays extravagant amounts of money for it.

Robbie Swinnerton gives one such occurrence in My cherie amour (my love of cherries) on Tokyo Food File (July 15).

The cherries in question are Yamagata Cherries, special and pricey Robbie notes at about ¥50 yen per cherry.

In a related piece, Japan Travel Info tells us that Yamagata prefecture produces 70% of Japan’s Sakuranbo (cherries) in June and July.

Locals who want to let loose for a few minutes can participate mid- June "in the Sakuranbo Tane Tobashi (Cherry Pit Blow-off) in Higashine City, Yamagata. Spit the seed as far as you can!", I learned from Japan Travel Info.


Sweets ans Spits for Tokyo Thursdays # 148

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(* Cherry Pit Blow picture courtesy of Japan Travel Info)
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