What the Nose Knows? Find Out on Sunday, August 1st, Botanical Garden, UC Berkeley

Having suffered from sinus problems for a number of years (now somehow resolved), I would not be the best pick for this event.

Should we always trust our senses?

I learned recently that Single Malt Scotch makers rely more on nosing than tasting to evaluate their work in progress.

If you are in the Berkeley (California) area on Sunday, August 1st, here's your chance to see What the Nose Knows and Awaken Your Senses, an event shared by Bay Area Science.

"Why not give your eyes a break and let your nose lead you instead through the labyrinth of flowers, bushes, herbs and trees? What the Nose Knows is a series of unique, interactive scent-based experiences of the Botanical Garden. Each event features a talk or walking tour with a scent expert in different sections of the Garden. Hosted by the Olfactive Scent Institute.

Awaken Your Senses kicks off the series with Gina Zupsich, Olfactive Scent Institute founder, who introduces a nose-guided tour of the herb garden. She will show techniques to maximize your olfactory experience and highlight how some plants are used in cooking, health, beauty and magic. Elaine Sedlack, the Garden's horticulturist, will be present to answer questions."



The discovery session takes place in UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, home of the Little Stinker (above) on Sunday, August 1st, 2010 from 1 to 3 PM.

Free with Garden Admission, limited to 30 people. Gather at the Garden entrance just before 1 p.m.

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