Ready, Set, Knife, Butcher Channel, a Farm to Table- Nose to Tail Project

There are How To Videos and Video Channels on many topics.

I would not have counted The Art of The Butcher as one of them.

Fans of the Nose to Tail and Farm to Table idea might have a chance to get an education from butchers willing to share their skills with others thanks to the Protein University.

What this Butcher Channel wants to achieve in Protein University's words:

"PROTEIN U is creating the first sustainable butcher network in the United States, supporting responsible farms and heritage species of livestock. Our mission is to create an online resource populated with a family tree of butchery techniques from whole animal breakdowns to sausage making from across the globe."

At this stage they are just collecting videos from willing parties through a Contest...Best ones will be broadcasted on August 10th.

Right now, you can check Protein University Channel In Progress on You Tube, includes Who's Your Butcher (below)...

Sensitive souls might want to skip it...

Ready, set, knife!

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