Japan Expo, Manga with Hiro Mashima, Kawaii Pop, Shiatsu, Black Cat, July 1st to 4, Paris

France is turning Japanese for a week-end with Japan Expo from July 1st to July 4, 2010.
This mega event now in its 11th year covers everything from Cosplay, Anime and Kawaii Pop to Shiatsu....

Manga author Hiro Mashima is one of the star attractions in 2010.

His latest book, Fairy Tail, published by Pika Edition since 2008 has sold 700,000 copies in France.

He will be doing 3 book signing sessions during the event.


Fashion is present too with local Young Designers take on Japanese influences.

Not sure if there is room in such a huge event for real Japanese food.

French graphic artist Aurore better known as Black Cat is the author of the Festival's posters.

Japan sur Seine for Tokyo Thursdays # 146

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(illustration is original creation for Japan Expo by Aurore who was kind enough to share it with us)

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