Beautiful Store, Beautiful Tea, Tea Is In The Bag Kusmi Tea Contest Still On

We have not ended the Tea is in The Bag-Kusmi Tea Contest yet but we're getting there.

So before we get 2 sets of perfect answers and close the curtain on this beautiful store, beautiful tea contest, take a chance.


Two prizes are on the table.

Top Prize (1er prix):

A Kusmi Cabas Bag and a Box of Kusmi Tea Essentials (24 enveloped tea bags of 12 different teas)

Consolation Prize (for Runner Up):

A Box of Prince Vladimir Tea (4,4 Oz)

(A blend of Chinese black tea flavored with citrus, vanilla, and spices; created in 1888)

Now for the questions:

What other name do the Chinese use for Black Tea?

Why is it that Green Tea offers health benefits that other teas don't?

Send your answers to info [at] njconcierges [dot] com

We must receive all entries by 12 Noon (US Eastern Time) on Monday, July 19, 2010.

Please note that this contest is limited to the US.

(Prizes courtesy of Kusmi Tea)

Winners will be announced on Monday, July 19, 2010

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