10 Minute Circus, Puppets, Musical Commute, La Strada Festival, Graz, July 30-August 7

Did I get you lost as far as the location for the soon to open La Strada Festival is concerned.

To clarify things, Graz is in Austria.

Rather than pigeonhole itself as a theater or music festival, La Strada offers performances in many forms from circus to percussion and in-between shades. They open doors to our imagination.


Performances take place indoors and in the streets.

It brings together talent from many countries including Circo Ripopolo from Belgium, not sure if they will perform their 10 minute circus piece, Fazzoletto.

I also noted La Grosse Couture (France). Should I call them a brass band? They will perform to commuters, at stops, on buses and trams? Which conductor will lead.

A multi-faceted event, La Strada takes place from July 30 to August 7, 2010 in Graz, Austria.

You could combine the Art experience with day trips to some of the scenic vineyards from the area.

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