Zombies Come Alive, Zombo Italiano Movie Series at MAD Museum, NY, July 8 to 29

I could not resist writing this story right away while the body was still cold.

As the program states, zombie movies go from gruesome to poetic and Museum of Arts and Design  Film Series “Zombo Italiano” brings to life popular Italian Zombie Cinema from 1972 to 1985.

The MAD Theater will present 10 characteristic works, including:

Dawn of the Dead (1979), directed by George A. Romero, crammed with social critiques of capitalism and consumerism and innovative horror and gore, which became the definitive blueprint for the modern zombie genre;
Demons (1985), directed by Lamberto Bava, the son of Italian horror master Mario Bava, which served as Italy’s entry into the 1980s punk rock zombie canon, with a score featuring works by Billy Idol and Mötley Crüe, and spawned five sequels;
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974), directed by Jorge Grau, a ground-breaking merging of the zombie genre with a critique of technology’s effect on the natural world;
Pigsty (1969), directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini, two tales of forbidden flesh and unruly appetites woven into a biting critique of modern society, and considered by some to be the Italian master’s most intriguing film;
Zombie 2 (1979), directed by Lucio Fulci, featuring the infamous “zombie vs. shark” scene, which along with other “eye gags” made Fulci a legend of the genre.

Some of these flicks might make you sweat with fear, one of the reasons I learned that Japanese read ghost stories on warm and sticky days. It cools you off...

The movie series comes alive from July 8 to July 29, 2010. It is presented in conjunction with current exhibition Dead or Alive (running until October 24) at Mad Museum, Columbus Circle, New York.


Check Schedule for Full Details.

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