Things I Missed on Sunday, UnFancy Food Show 2010 in Brooklyn, June 27

Unfortunately or fortunately as enough of us multitask I cannot be in 2 places at the same time.

Because of that impossibility, while I was at the Fancy Food Show on Sunday, I missed the UnFancy Food Show 2010 at The Bell House in Brooklyn.

I only realized today when I noticed Lucy's Whey mentioning the event so there was no tension as to where to be.

Lucy's Whey used the event as an opportunity to share "samples of Prairie Breeze Cheddar from Milton Creamery in Iowa. Prairie Breeze Cheddar is made by Mennonite cheesemakers with rBST-free milk from hand-milked, seasonally-grazed cows and vegetarian rennet. It’s delicious! A sweet, creamy more continental expression of Cheddar…Prairie Breeze is full flavored, nutty and full of crunchy tyrosine crystals."

I will have to find another occasion to try Brooklyn based food creators such as SCRATCHbread, not sure why one of their bread is called fogousse (pictured below). Did they mean fougasse?


Want jams, jellies, chutneys made in Brooklyn, Anarchy in a Jar suggests 'the revolution starts in your mouth.' I hope what's in the jar is as tasty as their humor is light.

Cathy Erway was there also, not sure if it was for her new Lunch at Sixpoint 'reviving the working class lunch' project.

All in all around 50 vendors of all stripes were there...

Next year I'll try to show up....

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