Socrates on Futebol and Brazil, July 18 at London Literary Festival, July 1 to 18

I did not mean to start with an event on July 18, the last day of London Literary Festival and end with the beginning.

As things are heating up in the past few days at World Cup 2010 in South Africa,  Socrates on Futebol and Brazil just felt perfect to put some perspective on recent intense discussions about players, styles, strategies, egos and coaches.


The Socrates appearance at the festival will be a team effort as program notes:

"Sócrates is a Brazilian legend, best known as the captain of the great Brazilian football team of the eighties - the team of Zico, Falcão and Éder - and subsequently one of the nation's leading cultural commentators. Socrates is joined by José Miguel Wisniek, one of Brazil's leading composers and author of Veneno Remédio - O futebol e o Brasil (Poisonous Remedy - Football and Brazil), and Alex Bellos, a London-based writer and broadcaster specializing in Brazil, and author of Futebol - The Brazilian Way of Life."

The Futebol and Brazil trio (July 18, 5 PM) is one of the many offerings of Brazilian Words itself one element of Festival Brazil (June 19-September 9).

In different spheres, Brazilian Words also invited Twins Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, the hottest comic book artists in Brazil, on July 5.


The same day at the same time (7 PM), Ana Maria Goncalves, Patricia Melo and Maria Valéria Rezende in A Woman's Eye on Brazil discuss their work and Brazilian life from a woman's perspective.

For all those of us poor souls who cannot spend 2 weeks in London taking the pulse of the Literary World, organizers launch the first ever Litweeter Festival via Twitter.

Here's the plan:

"An interactive compendium of word play, twittery challenges and literary gossip. Each day of the festival sees a new online event, from creative challenges and comment to scavenger hunts for free festival tickets. Festival authors like Slavoj Zizek and Ben Goldacre will be taking over our twitter for conversation and debate, and you can win great prizes by contributing your own creative twitterings.

Litweeter Festival is co-curated by Nikesh Shukla and Southbank Centre, there will be two tweet ups during the festival, on Wednesday 7th July and Sunday 18th July."

London Literary Festival opens on July 1 at Southbank Centre and runs until July 18.

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