My First Shot of PM Blend, Corsican Whisky at Summer Fancy Food Show

What's in the P&M name, whisky is made jointly by Brasserie Pietra (makers of the chestnut beer) and Distillerie Mavela.

I am no scotch or whisky specialist.

When I noticed
P&M, Whisky Corse, despite the early hour, I had to take a few sips for what I think is a first in Corsica.

The brainchild of Lisandru Venturini of Distillerie Maleva it uses the oak casks from Brasserie Pietra for ageing.


This elegant well crafted Whisky Corse is getting kudos from aficionados and specialists like La Maison du Whisky who calls it Powerful, Fruity with a Long Finish.

So far this new kid on the whisky bloc is just available in France...

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