June 30 is Social Media Day, I Declare July 1st Serge the Concierge Day

Don't worry, I am not becoming full of myself.

I just thought that if Mashable can decide that June 30 is Social Media Day why can't we all decide which day of the year is our day in the sun.

So as not to delay my pick, I declare July 1st, 2010 to be the 1st ever Serge the Concierge Day.

On Social Media Day so far, I have been doing a lot of back and forth with PR people and others.

On Serge the Concierge Day, I doubt I will travel but I can definitely eat good food and drink wine.

Do I need to choose an animal as a mascot?

On June 30,is there also such a thing as Leap Second Adjustment Time?

Bonne journee...

(For full disclosure, I love Mashable)

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