Getting My Cell Phone Sanitized At Digital Downtown in Midtown on Tuesday

I am sure that the exhibitor's space at Digital Downtown TO GO (June 22-23, 2010) will be chock full with I Pad and I phone related products.

I don't have either and don't plan on getting one.

I am sticking with my battered Blackberry Curve.

It could use a makeover or a hiding case even though it works.

For that I will check Otterbox cases stand.

At least I am getting my phone sanitized as long as I don't trade dust for harmful chemicals.

I wonder what is more 'bacteria' laden, a computer keyboard or a cell phone.

Another practical thing, I will try is the Numi Key which the company says "will store all of your loyalty cards as well as coupons, which are downloadable from the internet. "

Will I feel lighter once I carry one?


I would test drive a Palm Pre or one of the Android Phones if I had a chance.

Above all I would have liked to put one of the recent Netbooks to work during these few days and be able to travel light.

I surely will have to share a few things with you before Digital Downtown 2010 (part of CEA Line Shows) is over.

This is as much or more a place for ideas and trends as it is a products show.

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