Coffee the Italian Way From North to South in 20 Minutes at Fancy Food Show, No Twist

I definitely like a good cup of Java or to be precise a nice and short espresso.

When I was invited by Gennaro of the Italian Trade Commission to join them for a 20 minutes tour of Coffee, I should say Caffe, the Italian Way, from North to South with many turns but no twist at the Summer Fancy Food Show on Sunday I had to say yes.

Want to know about the Etiquette of ordering coffee in Italy, How to REALLY drink Coffee - the Italian way!(Felice in the Kitchen, October 2009) makes a number of suggestions from practical to warnings on what not to do unless you wish to be excommunicated.

For example:

"Requesting a mint frappuccino in Italy is like asking for a single malt whisky and lemonade with a swizzle stick in a Glasgow pub. There are but one or two regional exceptions to this rule that have met with the blessing of the general coffee synod."

Italians are passionate about many things including the perfect cup of Java.

In that spirit I looked for kindred spirits in and around New York.

I found Third Rail Coffee "setting up shop inside the Rapha Cycle Club, located at 352 Bowery (at Great Jones). This pop-up shop, which will open on July 3, for 3 months is part store, part coffee bar and part art gallery."

The Citroen truck (sorry not a Fiat) sold me on them.


Reminds me of the grocery or butcher shop on wheels we used when I was on vacation in small villages of the Pyrenees with my parents.

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