A Rose Wine that Sings, Domaine de Brigue 'Cotes de Provence' Signature

Wine tastings are a chance to fall in love with new wines.

It can feel like a race to catch as much as you can when choices run in the 100's. Nuances get lost.

It would be nice and preferable to be able to take home some of the wines home as I do with chocolates at the Chocolate Show and taste them leisurely, with and without food.

Recently one of the wineries featured at a Provence Rosé event in New York (which I missed) contacted me.

I asked them if they could make up for my absence and send me one of their wines.

I was the lucky recipient of a half bottle of Domaine de Brigue 'Cotes de Provence' Signature 07.

I let it recover from its trip from California, before I tasted it.

I opened the 'Signature' on Tuesday. First thing you notice is its orange hues. Sip it and the richness and the fruit fill your mouth, not in a sneaky or in your face way, like a pleasant surprise.


This Rosé that sings is so good and refreshing one bottle might lead to another once you get a chance to drink it.

As for the varietals, it is 50% Grenache, 20% Cinsault, 30% Syrah (or is it Cabernet as the label states).

Outside France, Domaine de Brigue is available in Switzerland and California so far in the USA.

I would be curious to know how their other Rosé, the 'Brigue Prestige' compares.

Besides the vineyards, the property also counts 2000 olive trees.

Another way to let this producer put some sunshine in your day.

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