Roast Pork Knuckle and Other Warm Dishes for Winter Months in Sydney

While England is sweltering, the Sydney Morning Herald reminds us that winter is almost there in the Southern hemisphere which for Sydney means that temperatures will be in the low 60's from June to August.

Carli Ratcliff in Hearth starters (May 25) shares dishes from local chefs to keep our Australian friends warm.


Carli crowns her story with a Whole roast pork knuckle with winter vegetables at The Burlington Bar and Dining (dining room above) in Crows Nest, a traditional German dish.

At the other end of the scale is a Bubble and Squeak soup courtesy of 'British-born head chef and co-owner of Arras restaurant, Adam Humphrey' who is not shy about saying ''I'm a northerner and we're frugal buggers, we don't like to throw anything away."

Amy of Poor Girl Gourmet would like to try this recipe, I am sure.

The bubble and squeak soup on the Arras restaurant menu is not leftovers but rather "seasonal vegetables, including brussels sprouts and curly kale, topped with bacon lardons and chestnuts", sounds appetizing.

Think visual, head for Photo Gallery where all the dishes from Hearth Starters are featured.

Want to give a shot at the Pork Knuckle, try this Pork knuckle and potato dumplings recipe by Max Dietz (

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