In Berlin on May 2, Hop on the Train, Head for Tree Blossom Festival in Werder

The world is small at least as far as exchanging information is.

Liliana in London was kind enough to share this event with me via InterNations in a perfect illustration of the expat and worldly people network motto 'connecting global minds'.

I was unaware of the Werder Tree Blossom Festival which celebrates its 131 Edition in 2010 until her message landed in my mail box.


Bary Baruch, another member of InterNations, describes the 131 Werder Baumblütenfest as follows:

"The 131 Werder Baumblütenfest, or Tree Blossom Festival, started on the 24th of April this year and will run through the 2nd of May. About 35 km south west of Berlin, the official word is that the festival is a celebration of spring. But ask a local German, and they will remind you that the festival is nearly as big as the as the Oktoberfest. Some say that the festival is a small village playing host to a wine tasting event. If you expect an idyllic stereotypical German village, populated by posh people you’re wrong. Although, the town is quite idyllic, the crowd is not what might be associated with a wine tasting event. Instead, it was more of a drinking crowd.

And that’s really what this festival seems to focus on. Drinking. While the Oktoberfest focuses on beer, the Baumblütenfest focuses on homemade wine. On offer is everything from strawberry to rhubarb wine, with prizes being handed out for the best wines.

The program for Sunday, May 2nd, includes dance party with 104.6 RTL radio station at 17:00 and fireworks at 22:00."

Since the place will be crowded, hopping on he train seems the best option.

Here is the travel information as shared by Barry:

"The train ride from Berlin Hbf to Werder Hbf takes about 40 min each way and it is leaving Berlin Hbf from platform 14 at 14:40, ariving to Werder at 15:18, the nxt one leaves Berlin Hbf at 15:10 and arrives at 15:44, also platform 14.

Trains back to berlin are leaving Werder at: 22:02, 22:12, 22:36, 22:54, 23:12, 23:30 and later."

The Official Site is in German but there is a translation tool in the left column.

The city site for Werder tells us that it is located on the Havel river and nicknamed the water city.

We also learn that the area is also known for fruit and wine growing (since the 17th century).

The city is one of the few to have a working vineyard within its walls with the Weinberg vineyard.

A local 'specialty' I learned is the Sea buckthorn  or Lemon of the North (pictured below, from Werder site).


It could have been a plan to spend my birthday in Berlin but it is a bit late to make arrangements.

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