Towed Away on Earth Day 2010 for First and I Hope Last Time

Unable to get someone on the phone regarding some government business, I had to visit their office a couple towns over.

Unfortunately that office offers no parking so I had to use a nearby pharmacy's lot.

I went ahead, took care of business and left the official building elated that my problem was solved.

I first thought my car had been stolen only to find it had been towed.

So focused was I on solving one problem that I run into another one.

A kind stranger gave me a ride closer to home and an umbrella to protect me from the rain.

I then had to get $150 in Cash in order to get my car out of the Towing Lot which at least was only a few minutes away from my house.

I still have to pay another $50 for a parking ticket.

$200 later my only consolation is that as the Towing Guy told me some other towing lots can set you back as much as $400 and tend to wreck cars as a bonus.

Should I consider myself lucky?


Boing Boing run this entertaining story Tow Truck Drivers Push Cars into Tow-Away Zone then hold cars for ransom in March 2005).

Was my fate a punishment for driving on Earth Day? I hope not.

Towed away for first and I hope  last time.

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