Stop Making Noise, April 28 is International Noise Awareness Day

While the UK buzzes from April 26 to April 30 with Noise Action Week the rest of the world joins in for International Noise Awareness Day on April 28, 2010, the 15th Edition.

The Center for Hearing and Communication, a driving force behind the April 28 Event offers suggestions on a few ways to turn down the volume in Controlling Noise is In Your Hands and a Quiet Diet which could include these steps:

Pay attention to the noises you make and respect your neighbor's right to peace and quiet.

Turn down the volume two notches on your radios and personal stereo systems with headphones.

Turn down the volume one notch on your television.

Do NOT honk your horn, except in the case of imminent danger.

Do NOT tip cab drivers who honk their horns illegally.

Avoid noisy sports events, restaurants, rock concerts and nightclubs unless you use hearing protection.

Replace noisy activities with quiet ones such as taking a walk, visits to libraries and museums.

It might sound contradictory but a quintet of musician are celebrating with an International Noise Awareness Day Concert at Mobius in Boston (Massachusetts) on April 28 at 8 PM.


Getting back to Noise Action Week in the UK they showcase a quiet lawnmower by Worx equipped with Mute Technology.

Add to the noise annoys column leaf blowers and barking dogs...

For your ears only!

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