Shanghai Expo 2010 Homestay Program, Live with the Locals

Patti Waldmeir shares her experience staying with the locals in Stay with Grandma Chen (FT, April 30).

During Shanghai Expo 2010 which opens on May 1st, 2010, a few hundred families were selected to offer the equivalent of a bed and breakfast or and hostal with the Shanghai Expo 2010 Homestay program.

It gives visitors a chance to learn about Chinese culture, local spots and share their home and their meals.

Patti Waldmeir closes her piece with a note of her visit at the Hualian supermarket (in Linfen):

"It was there that we saw perhaps the most traditionally Shanghainese sight of the entire trip: ladies shopping in pajamas, a charming local habit that the government is trying to stamp out in time for Expo – all in the name of civilization."

Will visitors get in trouble if they adopt that tradition?

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