On Portuguese White Wine Trail, Dona Maria and Carm

I continue walking the Portuguese white wine trail today featuring native grapes and not the usual suspects.

We start with Donna Maria White 2008, a menage a trois of Arinto, Antao Vaz and Viosinho (VR Alentejano), good body, low acidity, elegant finish.


Next came the Carm 2008 White also 2008 (DOC, Douro), a combination of Codega (also known as Roupeira or Alva), Rabigato and Viosinho, rich fruit, light oak, long finish.

The same producer Carm has a Reserve white and practices organic farming.

Located within the Archaeological Reserve of Vale do Côa, they also make olive oil.

I realized that the tasting book has a number of typos and hope it did not affect the grape varietals listed for each wine.

Confused by all these new grape names, check the Glossary of Portuguese Grape Varieties put together by Cellar Tours.

Part 3 of my report on Wines of Portugal Grand Tasting 2010.

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