Name Cheese from Extramadura and Bread Dish, Win Copy of Jose Pizarro New Book

I have no idea what Jose Pizarro' s musical tastes are so we will stick to food questions for this week's book giveaway.


Jose does not miss a chance to be an ambassador for specialties of his native region, Extremadura.

We decided to follow his lead for our Seasonal Spanish Food cookbook contest.

Answer these 2 questions and if you're fast enough you might be the lucky winner.

-Name a semi-hard cheese from Extremadura made with raw goat milk and often rubbed with local peppers.

-Name a peasant dish made with stale bread popular not just in the region but all over Spain.

Send your answers to info [at] njconcierges [dot] com by Midnight (Eastern US Time) on May 2, 2010.

This contest is open to readers in the US and Canada.

Since there is only one copy to win. Contest is on a First Come, First Serve basis.

In case you wondered, you will not find the answers in Soul of Tapas Brindisa, Jose Pizarro, Talks to Us About his Road from Extremadura to London our recent interview.

(* our illustration Croquetas borrowed from Dos Hermanos)

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