Mua in Oakland, From Bubbly to Dessert, All Wines Available by the Glass

You will have to cut me some slack if I you think I am straying from the hardcore Bistro roots by selecting Mua in Oakland (California) for this edition of A Bistro A Day.

If you open your eyes and your mind though they fit the Bistro-Wine Bar-Enoteca-Bodega idea.

Decor is minimalist, menu has a lot a starters and inexpensive dishes and all the wines on the list from bubbly to dessert are available by the glass.

The decor, see for yourself below *.



Here's a sample:

Tomato Bisque and Mini Grilled Cheese 8

Mixed Olives 5

Grilled Artichoke | tarragon aïoli 9

Kabocha Winter Squash Tempura 7

Crispy Tofu | black bean-sweet chili sauce 7

Chicken Satay | cilantro sauce 7

Beef Carpaccio | manchego, arugula, pine nut  8

Berkshire Pork Lettuce Wrap | spicy mustard seed sauce, carrot salad 8

Lamb Cheeks | daube braised, parsnip  10


A few things I noted:


Rosé (pinot noir) | Allimant-Laugner alsace france 10.5 / 42

Prosecco | Di Conegliano Sommariva  veneto italy 8 / 31

(what I would be drinking if I made it to Vinitaly)


Pinot Gris | King Estate  oregon 10 / 39

Muscat | Allimant – Laugner alsace 8 / 32

Pouilly Fumé | Claude Michot  loire 10 / 40

Albarino | Bodegas As Laxas  spain 8.5 / 34


Pinot Noir | William Knuttel napa 10 / 39

Zinfandel | Frog’s Leap  napa 11 / 44

Add to that the Art on the Walls and you have a place where you should feel comfy.

No fuss Mua for A Bistro A Day of April 6, 2010.

(* Dining room view snapshot courtesy of Oaktown Art)

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