Drinking Sake, Eating Tokyo, Tokyofoodcast, Found on Showa Day

After realizing that April 29 is the Showa Day holiday in Japan (part of Golden Week), I decided to take it nice and easy for this week's Tokyo Thursdays and feature a site that lives and breathes Tokyo.

I picked Tokyofoodcast written by a couple: Et-chan and Te-chan.

Why them? I like the clean look of the site, their mix of Chou a la Creme and Dining on shojin ryori in temple, add to that their Pursuit of the Perfect Sake with Sake of the Week and I was hooked.

I chose their picture of Funazushi (involves fish roe, thinly sliced fish and fermented rice if I got it right) as an illustration.


When she's not snapping photos, writing, eating, cooking or tasting sake, Et-chan aka Etsuko Nakamura offers personalized English-Japanese guide services in Tokyo and other parts of Japan.

Found my way to Tokyofoodcast via Shizuoka Gourmet, a fellow French expat.

Long distance learning for Tokyo Thursdays # 137

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