Culinary Tourism Has Seat at the Table, EAT Vancouver 2010, May 28-30

Whether it's within our country's border, visiting the next-door neighbors or traveling to another part of the world, for a growing number of people culinary and wine tourism are the main draws.

With that in mind EAT! Vancouver was smart to include a World Culinary Tourism Expo now in its 3rd year to their roster of activities.

I'm not sure I would call that trend  'traveling through your palate' as one can do that by visiting restaurants run by chefs like our Fusion friend, Peter Gordon.

EAT! Vancouver 2010 also brings the Grow Your Own Grub movement into the fold with EAT! Garden showcasing the Harvest Green Project by Romses Architects.

Harvest Green Project makes Edible Gardens part of the master plan.


EAT! Garden will also offer budding locavores tools and information on how to get started.

EAT! Vancouver 2010 opens its doors on May 28 and runs for 3 days.

Maybe I will make it to the 2011 edition.

(* Harvest Green illustration via archiCentral)

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