Cheltenham Festivals, Jazz Up Your Spring, April 28-May 3, Science and Decadence in June

As the weather improves, festivals start sprouting.

For Jazz fans with open ears, the Cheltenham Jazz Festival from April 28 to May 3rd, 2010 has a great line up.


It would be a nice birthday treat for me if I manage to make it to London.

All I have to do then is hop on a train.

I could event save a day or two to roam around The Cotswolds since Cheltenham is right on its periphery.

Getting back to the music, the main event has actually a warm up with The Jazz Fringe featuring local talent and a number of free concerts. The Fringe kicks off on April 22.

On the top bill, my personal picks would be John Scofield (May 2), Carla Bley (May 2) and Dave Holland with Pepe Habichuela Flamenco Quintet (May 1st)

I would also give a try to Nikki Yeoh Trio with John Surman (May 1st).

More experimental and atmospheric is Food, saxophone, guitar, percussion and loops (May 1st).

Elaine Paige opens the festival on April 29 with an evening of standards.

Later this year, just before the arrival of summer, Cheltenham offers 5 days of science with the Cheltenham Science Festival (June 9-13) under I believe the banner of Decadence.

One of its guest directors is molecular food whiz Heston Blumenthal so expect the unusual.

Getting the travel bug...

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