Want to Green Your Life, Start in the Bathroom suggests True Green Home

If you are more interested in the practical side of green than the intellectual debate which might be an excuse for keeping things as they are, True Green Home (National Geographic) will come handy.

More guide than essay, this book shares 100 ways to make changes that will even save you some hard earned cash.

They suggest you start with Bathroom Basics and the sink for example:

"Don’t let the faucet run, wasting our most precious resource, as part of your family’s daily bathroom routine. Embrace the drain stop and use your sink as it was intended, by pouring in some water to wash your hands and face or to shave. Don’t run the faucet when brushing your teeth—use a cup of water instead. Any of these simple ideas can save as much as one gallon of water a minute. Check that your drain stop is actually keeping water in the basin, as a leaky plug equals water wasted."

We tend to take water for granted when we should actually treasure it.

Everything but the kitchen sink for Green Day # 119

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