Over 50, Ready for an Encore Career, By 2018 You Might Be In Luck

One of the facts that jumped at me in The Little Big Things, Tom Peters latest opus, was the view of turning 50 as actually passing the halfway mark in our lives.

I heard an echo of that in the Bluestone Paper (March 5th). It is published by Encore Careers whose focus is to put to use skills collected over time by individuals in new and more fulfilling jobs.


Like many studies they take a mid to long term view at trends.

Let me share a couple highlights:

"With nearly 10 percent of the American labor force unemployed and another 7 percent so discouraged by their job prospects that they have either dropped out of the labor force altogether or are working at part time jobs when they would prefer full-time employment, it may come as something of a surprise that within less than a decade, the United States may face exactly the opposite problem – not enough workers to fill expected job openings.

When the nation comes out of the current jobs recession, we will begin to see spot shortages in labor markets."

Hang in there, hope is on the way, between now and 2018.

Getting ready for an Encore Career or Two this Monday Work Etiquette # 135

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