Hardcover Music, Kristin Hersh Releases Crooked as a Book on Friday Project

As much as I like reading and writing online, I have not given up on books.

Like with vinyl records and album covers there is a tactile element to it.

I'm not sure it is one of the reasons that drove Kristin Hersh to release her new album Crooked as a book.

This innovative project will be published by The Friday Project, an imprint of Harper Collins.

Scott Pack, the publisher, shares some details on Me And My Big Mouth (March 12).

He tells us how it works, from page to music listening and interaction with the artist:

"Crooked will be a hardback book containing stunning artwork, the lyrics to each track, an essay by Kristin about every song and an exclusive sneak preview of her forthcoming memoir Paradoxical Undressing.

It will be a beautiful object with beautiful content.

And each copy will contain a digital code which you can use to access a treasure trove of online content including:

  • the Crooked studio album to download
  • full recording stems for each track so that fans can remix them
  • track by track audio commentary by Kristin
  • exclusive video content
  • out-takes from the recording sessions
  • a forum enabling fans to interact with Kristin - Q&As, live webchats etc.

This full content is only available by purchasing the book."

The hardcover effort will be released on June 10, 2010.


In the meantime, check Kristin Hersh site.

Kristin in what seems like a previous life was a member of the Throwing Muses.

To give credit where it's due, I first read about Crooked as a Book this morning thanks to Chris O. on my beloved Pholist.

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