Five Years, Serge the Concierge Turned 5 on March 22, 2010

With a death in the family, technical glitches, juggling bills and other unpleasant realities that life sends our way, last week was pretty unsettling.

So much so that I only realized today that Serge the Concierge passed the 5 year mark on March 22.

Our very first story was New favorite wine....Castano 2003 (Spain) Monastrell Red Wine (March 22, 2005).

Looking back, my favorite in this first week is Making the Most of the Ingredients you have on hand (March 24)...In hindsight, story would benefit from being expanded.

An upcoming interview with Chef and New Zealand native, Peter Gordon on and around his book Fusion will be an occasion to do that.

Want to make us feel warm and fuzzy, send us some Chocolate Fritture (an Easter treat in France) or a few words. 2005 was a good vintage for wine actually.

3000 plus stories later. a belated 5th birthday note!

Thanks for keeping us going

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