Enoteca Winebar, Geneva with a Front Rhone View, A Bistro A Day, March 8

I thought of Sweden first for this stop

The language barrier threw me a wrench.

Following the alphabet not far down the list is Switzerland so here we are in Geneva for A Bistro A Day, March 8.

Geneva is rich in options with a good wine list but I decided when I started A Bistro A Day to make my life difficult by trying to stick to the homey casual types.

Graced with a front Rhone view, Enoteca Winebar with its offerings of cheese, charcuterie and antipasti does the trick.


Their wine by the glass selection (a dozen or so choices) when I checked included Swiss white wines such as Muscat blanc de Dardagny, Les Faunes, 2007 and Petite Arvine, Flanthey, 2007 (Valais) and in the reds a Syrah, Domaine Bruchez, 2007 (Valais).

It changes throughout the year so from one visit to the other you will be surprised.

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