Clean Water For a Healthy World, World Water Day 2010, March 22

When was the last time you had to walk a while to get water to wash, cook, drink, flush the toilet.

In all instances but the last one you needed clean water.

What would happen if at the end your walk, you would find that water you needed was coming out of a rusty pipe or was unsanitary?

Clean water for a healthy world is the theme for World Water Day 2010 on March 22.

Here's a definition of what quality water is as offered by the event page:

"Water quality is defined by its desired end use. Consequently, water for recreation, fishing, drinking, and habitat for aquatic organisms require higher levels of purity, whereas for hydropower, quality standards are much less important. For this reason, water quality takes on a broad definition as the ‘‘physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of water necessary to sustain desired water uses’"

Want to know where water quality versus quantity stands check the Frequently Asked Questions for details.

Remember that clean water is a precious gift, don't take it for granted.

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