Shower your Valentine with Bubbles on February 14, Part 1, Prosecco

In the past 2 weeks, I had the chance to taste more bubbly than I drink in a year.

On special occasions like Valentine's Day it adds to the festive mood.

On February 14, shower your Valentine with bubbles.

I'll start with Prosecco for Part 1 since they were many of them at Vino 2010, Italian Wine Week.

In an amusing moment on the last day, Beatrice while pouring me the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Dry, Millesimato DOC showered my hand. Nobody was hurt and it was the next to most expensive Prosecco from Costaruel . It is made with the best grapes from vineyards on higher slopes, elegant. Maybe we could do without the music on their site.

I already mentioned in a previous post Le Vigne di Alice whose Conegliano Valdobbiadene Extra Dry Millesimato 2009 provided my brain with the needed oxygen at the Italian Wine Masters 2010 Tasting. Flavor wise think pear and tropical fruits.

All in all they produce 4 sparkling wines, 2 Rose and 2 Cuvee.

Another small scale, family owned winery is La Farra, I tasted Spumante Extra Dry Selezione Oro (Gold Selection)...They say touch of acacia.

Last another small producer Terra di San Venanzio whose label is graced by an image of San Venanzio, poet and bishop of Poitiers, a local historic figure. Both brut and extra dry are worth a try.


I could go on and on listing producer after producer, wine after wine but I will stop here.

In case you wondered, Conegliano and Valdobbiadene which keep coming up are a town and a district in this area of Veneto known for its Proseccos.

Before you pick any great sparkling wine, make sure your Valentine is in the mood for it.


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