Savor Dallas, Food and Wine Extravaganza, March 5-6 2010

2010 marks the 6th Edition of Savor Dallas.


This Food and Wine Extravaganza takes place March 5 and 6, 2010.

It came to my attention while visiting Destination Riesling which will be showcasing some of its producers at the event.

Having never attended this festival or paid attention to it, I went looking for what it stood for.

One of the founders, Jim White, tries his hand at describing his labor of love in Touring Savor Dallas (February 7).

Here are a few of his thoughts:

"For us, it's homage to the great, and hard working, chefs and restaurateurs of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We put it together to help showcase them. We know, too, that we want it to be a collection of the top wines and spirits in the world. That's why Vicki works fastidiously to keep the entry point for wines poured at Savor Dallas over $15 retail. You'd be surprised how many wine events around the country don't control this. We prefer quality over quantity. Our friends tell us Savor Dallas is the best wine and food event they've ever been to. But you know friends."

Taking a quick look at the program, the Arts District Wine Stroll combining wine, local food and arts and a chance to mix and mingle appealed to me.

It involves, the Dallas Museum of Art at Seventeen Seventeen Restaurant, the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, the Nasher Sculpture Center--and brand new for 2010: the Winspear Opera House and the Wyly Theatre, in the just completed AT&T Performing Arts Center (AT&TPAC) on March 5th from 5 to 7 p.m.

It is also a chance to bestow the Lone Star Awards. I noticed Renie Steves of Cuisine Concepts, a lovely lady I met at Vino 2010 in New York, as one of the 2009 Winners.

The rest of the program is a combination of seminars, grand tasting, silent action and the like.

I will let you explore that in detail.

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